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James W. Beauchamp Computer Music Project


Presently offered

INFO 424

Musical Informatics - A 21st century approach to music theory: fundamental elements of music illustrated through logical and mathematical concepts, unencumbered by stylistic considerations. Defines the internal structure of sounds and presents a few general methods of organizing them into complex compositions. Intended for musicians having limited familiarity with mathematics, as well as scientifically inclined students with little musical background.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor
Credit: 3 hrs

INFO 448

Introduction to Computer Music - Introduction to the multiple ways computers are used in music, with an emphasis on digital sounds synthesis and composition. Elements of acoustics, psychoacoustics, and programming are introduced in order to allow students to use and modify the existing software DISSCO/SoundMaker developed at UIUC.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor
Credit: 3 hrs

Past Offerings

MUS 499B

Project-oriented Computer Music - Proseminar dedicated to concrete Computer Music applications developed by the participants. Individual projects or group projects may be chosen from the following categories: creation of new compositions, software development, theoretical papers, historical approaches, original projects.
Credit: 3 hrs

MUS 499E

Advanced Computer Music - This seminar is open to students who have an interest in Computer Music (digital sample synthesis, computer-assisted composition, automatic music notation) as well as in the visualization of music and sonification of complex scientific data. Good C++ programming skills are required.
Credit: 2 or 4 hrs

MUS 503

Computer-assisted Composition - a critical evaluation of ways computers are used to write music followed by a detailed presentation of a program for composing music.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor
Credit: 4 hrs


Music Signal Processing - Computer analysis and synthesis of musical sounds along with relevant information on musical acoustics, including a little psychoacoustics. The software used will be SNDAN, Music 4C, and Notepro
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor
Credit: .5 - 2 hrs

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